Student Testimonials from New Horizons

New Horizons Omaha Student Testimonials

Peter de Lastic, NHCentral

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
"Peter was an excellent instructor. I didn't know what to expect at first, but after the first 2 hours day 1, this guy knows his stuff (to put it mildly). He used real life examples as they related to the subject matter, occasional humor, and was very time conscious. Kept things moving along, took more time for explanation when needed. I was a little ... no ... a lot disappointed when he said he was not teaching my next training. I hope to enjoy the next instructor as I did you. GREAT JOB SIR!!!!”

Charles Watkins, NHCentral

10961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
"Charles provided a very engaging and genuinely upbeat atmosphere on a daily basis. He is obviously interested in the technology and wants to share that with his class, and that is clearly his goal throughout the week."

Lynn Trapp, NHCentral

ITIL4 Foundation
"Exceptional instructor, very knowledgeable and personal and approachable"

Mona Cross, NHCentral

Outlook 2016, Part 1
"When I logged in this morning, I was excited to see the Miss Mona was my instructor again. This is the third class that I have had with her, so I knew that it was going to be a great class!"

Eric Satterfield, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 1
"Eric did a great job instructing and making the class informative and fun!"

Dan Russell, NHCentral

PRINCE2 Foundation
"Dan did a good job and shared his knowledge of the subject and used real world examples to help us understand. I enjoyed the class."

Hamish MacFarlane, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 1
"Hamish MacFarlane was a very engaged instructor, encouraged questions, answered questions in a timely manner and made sure to tell everyone they were doing a great job and a few students who had issues with Excel, he helped them and made sure everyone else had something to practice in the meantime. I would take a class with him again.”

Charles Watkins, NHCentral

10985 Intro to SQL Databases
"Of the 4 New Horizons courses I've taken Charles was the best instructor. He made learning applicable to real world scenarios and presented the subject matter in a manner that made learning fun. I hope the next course I take through New Horizons is taught by Charles. His approach to teaching made the material stick as well as made me very comfortable with the topic."

Mona Cross, NHCentral

Time Management
"I think Mona was outstanding, I wish I had co-workers like her. She is a keeper.”

Emil Rodgers, NHCentral

10994 Data Analysis Fundamentals with Excel
"Excellent instruction for all learning levels. Great sense of humor that made him very relatable and easy to understand. I like how he explained the WHAT and the WHY in detail before the demonstrations, so I understood what the goal was. I've had instructors that just show what to click and that doesn't help at all if I don't understand why I am doing something. Emil was great at explaining all of that.”

Peter de Lastic, NHCentral

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
"Pete was awesome. He shared great, relevant stories, real-world practical examples, and even some wisdom that was tangential to the class but gave a richer context for the material being studied. He has a nice sense of humor and made the class super enjoyable. Great instructor!"

Charles Watkins, NHCentral

10982 Supporting/Troubleshooting Windows 10
"Charles needs to be commended to the highest degree for his training abilities. Not only is he a technical Jedi, he is extremely personable. He kept our attention the entire time with his energetic personality, delightful banter and crowd participation.”

Brian Cochenour, NHCentral

MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
"I was concerned about taking this class because the instructor in the prerequisite class talked over my head a lot. I appreciated that Brian explained everything clearly, in easy-to-understand terms for a novice and used a lot of visuals to help explain. That, along with his expert knowledge, make him an exceptional online instructor."

Karen Botwinik, NHCentral

Adobe Photoshop CC, Part 1
"Karen was amazing. As someone who had never used Photoshop before, Karen was super helpful and went at a fantastic pace. She answered all of my questions and never made me feel like I was silly for asking anything. She took the time to try and get to know each of us, which really helped make this feel like it was a team effort between all of the participants and the instructor. Overall, she made the experience more enjoyable than I could have imagined.”

Richard Morgan, NHCentral

55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder & SSRS
"Richie taught with enthusiasm, which is difficult in a normal setting, but I imagine even harder when teaching virtually. I was interested in what he had to say, and he held my attention. It was also clear that he knew exactly what he was talking about and was able to come up with examples that weren't shown in the text."

Jim Lifter, NHCentral

2016/2019 Data Analysis with Pivot Tables
"Awesome instructor! Hope to have him back for expert level excel classes!”

Emil Rodgers, NHCentral

20779 Analyzing Data with Excel
"Emil is a fantastic, engaging instructor who makes it easy to understand the material. He was very interactive with the labs and made it easier to understand.”

Charles Watkins, NHCentral

"What I liked about Charles is he was very patient with questions, liked to provide value add comments and examples. I do wish he had done all 5 days, even though I thoroughly enjoyed Kirk."

Marty Shepard, NHCentral

SQL Querying Fundamentals, Part 2
"Marty is a very organized, polished trainer utilizing this method of teaching online. The class was on time, even with questions or issues. It was a great class."

Alan Harrah, NHCentral

"Alan brought real world scenarios to the material. His method for remembering Symmetric Crypto was great. I can't forget it now. Thank you for that!!! That is just one of the many items in this class that he helped me look at in a different manner.”


“I recently took beginning, intermediate and advanced excel from New Horizons.  My instructor was Mona. What an awesome lady and teacher!  I never thought I'd learn so much and have fun doing it!  I will take any class that she teaches.”

Connie - Atlanta, GA


“My experience at New Horizons was awesome! The instructors are definitely experts and I've learned so much.  I've actually been able to use what I’ve learned in my everyday work life and that makes it all worthwhile.”

Leticia - Marietta, GA


“New Horizons is about the best training institution I've come across. The instructors are very knowledgeable and take time to teach each individual whether that person is a beginner or proficient in computer training. I was extremely happy to have found New Horizons.”

June - Conyers, GA


“I have used New Horizons several times over the past 18 months for several large groups with great success.  All the classes have been held at my office and New Horizons has always been very accommodating. The staff was also very helpful and knowledgeable.” 

Kerry - Memphis, TN


“The instructors are excellent.  They break things down as needed and use real life examples on using Microsoft Office suites. I would recommend New Horizons to anyone who is looking to update their skills.”

Ursula - Atlanta, GA


“New Horizons is a top notch training company that has awesome instructors. They are all very knowledgeable facilitator who are able to relate to their students no matter what level of experience they have.”

Sharron - Forest Park, GA


“New Horizons has a very diverse and fun group of individuals to learn from. In the few classes that I have taken there has never been a situation or class that I needed assistance with that my account executive couldn't get me in or that the instructors couldn't help me out with. The ability to be able to select a live instructor or learn on your own program with instructors available to assist you is very helpful. The entire staff helps to make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. I will forever and always refer anyone who wants/needs any computer training to New Horizons!! They are the best in their business!!”

Michael - Carthage, TN


“Hands down New Horizons has been a dream come true. The Instructors are by far the best educational leaders in the industry. New Horizons really helped me to become confident in achieving my certifications in Healthcare. Through all the encouragement and the professionalism I know that I can do anything that I chose to do. If you’re looking into building yourself an educational foundation New Horizons is definitely the ‘perfect place’ to be.”

Renee - Nashville, TN.


“After being laid off from my prior job I decided a career change in Medical Coding and billing. New Horizons has really been there for me and my instructor was the best that anyone could hope for. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely choose New Horizons for my new found profession.”

Kathy - Omaha, NE


“My co-workers and I have attended numerous classes at New Horizons. The classes were very helpful and their instructors were awesome.  We even had an Excel question when we got back to work and our instructor followed up with an email solution. I would highly recommend New Horizons to anyone needing to gain computer skills.”

Lee Ann - Gordonsville, TN


“New Horizons is a great resource for employee training and development. Several of our employees have attended computer software classes at New Horizons, and they have been very pleased with the instructors and course materials.” 

Amy - Gordonsville, TN


“I have had a great experience while attending classes at New Horizons. The instructors are knowledgeable and have real world experience.  The office staff are very friendly helpful with all aspects of your education experience. I feel that taking classes here have prepared me for a successful position in the information technology field.”

Karl - Plainfield, IN


“I attended the VMware vSphere 4.1 with ESXI and vCenter I was very impressed by detail of service I received from New Horizons.  New Horizons was easy to work with from the time I called to inquire about a class, in speedy delivery of all the class materials, in scheduling the class to fit may needs and budget. I took the class remotely but the instructor made me feel like I was right there in the classroom with him. The instructor was very professional with his presentation of the material.  He kept us engaged with what he was presenting and it was easy to follow along in the books they provided. The course was very well laid out, easy to follow and Lab material walked you step by step through the whole lab presentation with nothing to guess about.  Feedback was always encouraged all the way through and after the course was complete. I like the fact that they offered a way to get their certification certificate if you wanted it.” 

Michael - Jacksonville, AR


“I have been a student here at New Horizons in the past and keep coming back through all of my IT career. This is by far the best learning environment I have ever experienced. Keep up the good work!”

Vinny - Hilliard, OH


“It has been YEARS since I attended college! EVERYONE on the New Horizons team has made my ‘getting back into the swing of things’ a most pleasant experience, and it's just as easy if not easier for me to learn than it was when I first did a long.... LONG time ago! :-)”

Tonya - Memphis, TN


“I was really nervous undergoing a career change and going back to take classes in support of that, but I shouldn't have been. New Horizons made it comfortable for me to get the right training and get right back into it. They have lived up to their strong reputation for excellence in training. What I didn't realize; however, was what a valuable networking resource it would be. I have thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by people who are not only genuinely interested in learning but who have a lot of value to add to the learning experience of others because of all their years of practical work experience.”

Allison - Memphis, TN


“I felt comfortable with the staff and instructors from the moment I met them. That made it easier for me to focus on my training and ask questions without feeling uncomfortable. I enjoyed each day in class and I still keep in touch with some of the people I met.”

Shakimberly - Olive Branch, MS


“Well, what can I say; New Horizons is an excellent place when you are in transition. They have so much to offer not only in getting certified but, also, when you've been out of school for so long or haven't gone to school, they offer Basic English, how to interview, etc. New Horizons also has amazing staff. They are compassionate and will do everything they can do to help you achieve your goal or go to the next level. I recommend any business to send their employees. Not only business, anybody thinking about going to school. Enroll at New Horizons; you’ll be glad you did!!!”

Brenda - Collierville, TN


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. New Horizons teaches this us habit. The truth is that being at New Horizons Computer Learning Center was a truly enlightening experience for me, and has helped me cope with these hard times in more ways than one. As a young student, the facility introduced me to the real professional world, and taught me how my talents as an everyday human being can be used to shape my future in the professions available for me.”

Chris - Memphis, TN


“Because of my time and experience at New Horizons, I was able to find a great career at a thriving leader in world technologies! I'm very grateful to the staff and career counselors at New Horizons who have helped in making my dreams a reality and whole-heartedly encourage anyone thinking of following the IT path to begin first at New Horizons.”

Mike - Millington, TN


“New Horizons has been a great training resource for my IT staff as well as for my own training needs.  They have strong knowledgeable instructors along with excellent training materials and interactive tools that instill up to date and accurate training for the subject matter that they cover. Constructing a training solutions that integrate with your business needs for both day and evening training is just what we needed when we worked with New Horizons to become our IS training partner. I look forward to seeing the new training classes that are always being added so we can keep up with the ever changing challenges we all face in the IT world.  Keep up the good work!”

Jeff - Memphis, TN


“I am in the Health Information Management Program and Deb has been excellent!  Any and every time there is a question or something needs further clarification, she has gone above and beyond to give me an answer. Also, when personal crises arise, Deb has always been able to keep me focused. I have learned so much at New Horizons. Thank you!”

Cheryl - Omaha, NE


“I have been out of school for 39 years.  It was not easy for me to make the decision to go back to school. Everyone at New Horizons has been wonderful and very helpful and supportive. They are not just interested in you learning something new but care about you as an individual. I have made it a point to tell others that if you are looking for a new career or further your education to make an appointment with New Horizons Computer Center.”

Mary - Omaha, NE


“I took on online live class and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the given class was at New Horizons. The instructor was very responsive and even involved the online participants in all the events, including Q&A’s and in-between fun activities. I had a real fun time and walked away with a better impression of how online classes are conducted these days. I will definitely take some more classes and encourage my friends as well.”

Andrew - Woodbridge, NJ


“New Horizons is a great learning facility. I have taken several courses there, and I’m always impressed with the knowledge level of the trainers, and the quality of the training rooms. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to learn.”

Brian - Omaha, NE


“Coordinating computer training needs for our people is so easy when working with New Horizons. I appreciate the team's willingness to customize course offerings for our people as needed. I have worked with 3 reps from New Horizons and all have demonstrated top notch customer service.  It is a pleasure working with New Horizons...thank you for your great work.”

Angela - Lincoln, NE


“It is great to have instructors who actually have and are working with the tools and techniques they are teaching about. It is nice to be able to talk about a subject deeper and not have a blank stare.”

Josh - Omaha, NE


“I have always enjoyed attending classes at New Horizons training center and remotely. The instructors are very attentive to different levels of education and assisting their students with any difficulties they may be having.”

Joe - Omaha, NE


“My learning needs were of a more specific nature, so I requested a one on one training session. It was great and I was able to bring in examples of spreadsheets, etc. that I use at work. It allowed me to ask and get answers to item that help me be more productive and efficient.” 

Shirl - Memphis, TN


“The teachers were great and made sure you learned all that you needed to be ready to take on the job interviews and get the job you trained for. The cost was fair for the amount of courses that were available to be taken if you needed them. There were so many courses that it would be hard to complete all of them. I would recommend New Horizons to anybody that needed computer help.”          

Maria - Somerville TN




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