Student Testimonials from New Horizons Omaha

New Horizons Omaha strives to deliver a consistent top-of-class-training experience. Learn how our innovative learning methods impact our students:


Richard Morgan, NHCentral

SQL Querying Advanced

"Richie was an outstanding instructor - he made complex material comprehensible and helped us apply to what we do here day to day. What could have been a dull, monotonous class was upbeat and engaging. I cannot give enough praise to Richie! Thanks for all the new knowledge!"

55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder & SSRS

"Richie taught with enthusiasm, which is difficult in a normal setting, but I imagine even harder when teaching virtually. I was interested in what he had to say, and he held my attention. It was also clear that he knew exactly what he was talking about and was able to come up with examples that weren't shown in the text."

Marty Shepard, NHCentral

Word 2016 Part 3

"Marty is a very knowledgeable trainer; I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future."

SQL Querying Fundamentals, Part 2

"Marty is a very organized, polished trainer utilizing this method of teaching online. The class was on time, even with questions or issues. It was a great class."

Peter de Lastic, NHCentral

Access 2016 Part 2

"Peter's an amazing instructor who provides phenomenal student support and uses real-life examples during his lessons! I'd love to take further trainings with him!"

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

"Peter was an excellent instructor. I didn't know what to expect at first, but after the first 2 hours day 1, this guy knows his stuff (to put it mildly). He used real life examples as they related to the subject matter, occasional humor, and was very time conscious. Kept things moving along, took more time for explanation when needed. I was a little ... no ... a lot disappointed when he said he was not teaching my next training. I hope to enjoy the next instructor as I did you. GREAT JOB SIR!!!!”

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

"Peter was an excellent instructor. I didn't know what to expect at first, but after the first 2 hours day 1, this guy knows his stuff (to put it mildly). He used real life examples as they related to the subject matter, occasional humor, and was very time conscious. Kept things moving along, took more time for explanation when needed. I was a little ... no ... a lot disappointed when he said he was not teaching my next training. I hope to enjoy the next instructor as I did you. GREAT JOB SIR!!!!”

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

"Pete was awesome. He shared great, relevant stories, real-world practical examples, and even some wisdom that was tangential to the class but gave a richer context for the material being studied. He has a nice sense of humor and made the class super enjoyable. Great instructor!"

Jeremy Legatzke, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 2

"Jeremy is knowledgeable. He is enthusiastic, friendly and has a good sense of humor to draw student attention. Great class."

Tom Schwirian, NHCentral

Project Management Fundamentals

"After this fundamentals course has helped me confirm that Project Management is the career path that I want to pursue further!! I loved Tom's personality and positivity he brought to the course! I'd definitely take another course by him again."

Excel 2016, Part 2

"Not only was Tom clearly very experienced with excel, his excitement for the subject matter was infectious! I have never enjoyed online classes because there is always such a disconnect but I felt like I was in a classroom with him the whole time. He was very patient with explaining things twice if someone missed something and his knowledge of the software was evident when he was able to trouble shoot our problems quickly and then explained what had happened so we knew WHY there was a problem rather than just what the problem was. I would be thrilled to take another one of his classes!"

Jason Hollandsworth, NHCentral

Project Management Essentials

"Jason a.k.a. "Hoss" is a great instructor and I really enjoy attending when he is teaching. He allows the group to bring in local practices and discuss them freely, allowing us to solve problems through the application of learned knowledge."

Mona Cross, NHCentral

Custom Excel 2016

"Mona is the best! This is my second time with her, and I always learn things I had no clue existed. And she makes it a fun learning environment."

Outlook 2016, Part 2

"Mona was fantastic - I enjoyed her class and I learned so much. She is a great instructor."

Time Management

"I think Mona was outstanding, I wish I had co-workers like her. She is a keeper.”

Outlook 2016, Part 1

"When I logged in this morning, I was excited to see the Miss Mona was my instructor again. This is the third class that I have had with her, so I knew that it was going to be a great class!"

Dan Russell, NHCentral

55054 Mastering Microsoft Project 2013

"I am a kinesthetic learner, so Dan's teaching style was especially effective for me. Often, instructors do not take the class through performing the activities themselves, but because Dan did, it enhanced my learning ability."

PRINCE2 Foundation

"Dan did a good job and shared his knowledge of the subject and used real world examples to help us understand. I enjoyed the class."

Jason Pugh, NHCentral

Extending Your Sphere of Influence

"Jason was fantastic. He encouraged participation, gave real world examples. He also remembers each of the participants and used his knowledge of them to draw conclusions for the examples he was speaking of. One of the best NH trainers I've had."

Emil Rodgers, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 3

"He speaks well, and he really keeps a clean flow during his teaching. He's easy to follow and I feel I get a great memorable lesson especially when he shows how to trouble shoot or what you might come across and why."

20779 Analyzing Data with Excel

"Emil is a fantastic, engaging instructor who makes it easy to understand the material. He was very interactive with the labs and made it easier to understand.”

10994 Data Analysis Fundamentals with Excel

"Excellent instruction for all learning levels. Great sense of humor that made him very relatable and easy to understand. I like how he explained the WHAT and the WHY in detail before the demonstrations, so I understood what the goal was. I've had instructors that just show what to click and that doesn't help at all if I don't understand why I am doing something. Emil was great at explaining all of that.”

Doni Helms, NHCentral

CompTIA A+

"Excellent presentation skills. In-depth knowledge of subject matter and outside of subject matter. Excellent with answering questions in a very professional manner!! Doni is a positive mentor for all of his students, me included!"

Yabrinya Tisdale, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 2

"Yabrinya was knowledgeable, engaging and made a class that could come across as boring fun and informative. She was an excellent instructor and I truly felt like I learned some new skills."

David Humes, NHCentral

Excel 2019, Part 1

“David went over a lot of information and explained it well. I loved all the shortcuts he showed us. That was something I will use often in my field. He was very knowledgeable in this topic and gave a lot of great examples."

Brian Cochenour, NHCentral

10997 Office 365 Administration

"Brian is a rock star... Great delivery on the subject matter and always answered questions"

MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

"I was concerned about taking this class because the instructor in the prerequisite class talked over my head a lot. I appreciated that Brian explained everything clearly, in easy-to-understand terms for a novice and used a lot of visuals to help explain. That, along with his expert knowledge, make him an exceptional online instructor."

Shawn Bolan, NHCentral

10979 Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals

"Shawn was absolutely outstanding. This was hands-down the best run training class I've ever taken part in. He runs the course efficiently, gets the topics out to you without doing a "death by PowerPoint." He was easy to understand, communicated the information really well, and was very helpful with one-on-one help with any questions we had. Shawn was really truly an awesome instructor!"

Eric Satterfield, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 1

"Eric did a great job instructing and making the class informative and fun!"

Lynn Trapp, NHCentral

ITIL4 Foundation

"Exceptional instructor, very knowledgeable and personal and approachable."

Hamish MacFarlane, NHCentral

Excel 2016, Part 1

"Hamish MacFarlane was a very engaged instructor, encouraged questions, answered questions in a timely manner and made sure to tell everyone they were doing a great job and a few students who had issues with Excel, he helped them and made sure everyone else had something to practice in the meantime. I would take a class with him again.”

Excel 2016, Part 3

"I really enjoy taking the class with Hamish. He is very easy to understand, and he simplifies the course. He is also very helpful in assisting the class and answering our questions."

Charles Watkins, NHCentral

10985 Intro to SQL Databases

"Of the 4 New Horizons courses I've taken Charles was the best instructor. He made learning applicable to real world scenarios and presented the subject matter in a manner that made learning fun. I hope the next course I take through New Horizons is taught by Charles. His approach to teaching made the material stick as well as made me very comfortable with the topic."

10982 Supporting/Troubleshooting Windows 10

"Charles needs to be commended to the highest degree for his training abilities. Not only is he a technical Jedi, he is extremely personable. He kept our attention the entire time with his energetic personality, delightful banter and crowd participation.”

10961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

"Charles provided a very engaging and genuinely upbeat atmosphere on a daily basis. He is obviously interested in the technology and wants to share that with his class, and that is clearly his goal throughout the week."


"What I liked about Charles is he was very patient with questions, liked to provide value add comments and examples. I do wish he had done all 5 days, even though I thoroughly enjoyed Kirk."

Karen Botwinik, NHCentral

Adobe Photoshop CC, Part 1

"Karen was amazing. As someone who had never used Photoshop before, Karen was super helpful and went at a fantastic pace. She answered all of my questions and never made me feel like I was silly for asking anything. She took the time to try and get to know each of us, which really helped make this feel like it was a team effort between all of the participants and the instructor. Overall, she made the experience more enjoyable than I could have imagined.”

Jim Lifter, NHCentral

2016/2019 Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

"Awesome instructor! Hope to have him back for expert-level excel classes!”

Alan Harrah, NHCentral


"Alan brought real world scenarios to the material. His method for remembering Symmetric Crypto was great. I can't forget it now. Thank you for that!!! That is just one of the many items in this class that he helped me look at in a different manner.”

New Horizons Omaha strives to deliver a consistent top-of-class-training experience. Learn how our innovative learning methods impact our students:



I heard great things about the course offerings from co-workers and decided to sign up for an excel training class. The environment was comfortable for learning and the staff was very friendly. The course content was thorough, clear and concise. The instructor, Tom, was knowledgeable of the material. The examples that we reviewed were very helpful and easy to apply to my daily work tasks. I will be reaching out to learn more about additional class offerings!! Thank you for a great experience. :-)

- Tiffany Stanley

I have completed several professional certification courses at New Horizons. The facility is outstanding with updated equipment and the staff is very organized and professional as well. Brooke Brown always provides exceptional customer service and support both during training and following up after as well. I highly recommend this specific location to both individuals and companies alike who may be looking to advance in their careers.

- Andrew

New Horizons Computer Learning Center environment setup was comfortable for learning and staff was helpful and friendly. Cassandra at the front desk was very helpful especially when I was struggling with the headsets used. The course content was excellent for the class that I was taking and the instructor was by far the best I've had for work related training. I will definitely be scheduling future training as this is a great place to grow my skillsets!

- Tomara Watkins

New Horizons Learning is a great place to learn new skills and disciplines. I was very impressed by the quality of the training and all the staff at New Horizons. The instructor was very attentive to the needs of the students which can be challenging when doing online delivery, but Sandy hit it out of the ballpark! Thanks Brooke Brown and Sandy for making my experience so superb!

- Bethany Divelbiss

Myself and the company I work for have been using New Horizons for over a decade now. I have taken over 20 classes with them over the years to continue my development in the IT field. I continue to use their courses as a tool to better understand the newest features and advancements in all areas of IT. My rep, Ryan Nelson, has been the best in helping us with our training needs and continues to go that extra mile.

- Joshua Grabill

While the courses are the primary reason to seek IT training, the staff at New Horizons is what makes this entity truly shine. I've worked with Jennifer Sorvold many times over the years, and she is knowledgeable, responsive, and goes the extra mile to ensure my requirements are met. Highly recommend this training institution.

- Richard Kerwood

New Horizons - Dublin was an excellent facility. It had ease of access, good systems and attentive staff. They made training easier.

- Jeff Berry

Great organization with giant catalog of training courses. Solid delivery and excellent customer experience. Jennifer Sorvold (our New Horizons Account Executive) is great to work with and excellent at her job.

- Zach Evans

New Horizons has consistently delivered quality training for all of our training needs. The trainers are experts in their fields, and the training facility is state of the art. We will continue to use New Horizons for all of our IT Training needs.

- Lori Ramirez

Our organization uses New Horizons for many IT training needs. We have always had a positive outcome and take advantage of their many class offerings. Our Account Executive (Jennifer Sorvold) is great to work with.

- Don Crawford

This place is fantastic and top notch! If you are looking to be taking care of, look no further. Michael Fournier takes care of his accounts and people! Thanks!

- Kenny Donofrio

The online courses provide ease of access and work with my schedule. The onsite course environment is also great if you choose that option.

- Kasandra Murray
CKS Packaging

I have taken several classes for IT certifications here and what sets them apart is the excellent service and instruction that I received which helped me to decide on the area of IT to specialize in.

- Mr. Bobby

Great training classes and staff. They are always working with us to find the best training's for our staff.

- Joey Alexander

Have taken online live classes through New Horizons and I am very pleased with the quality of information that I received from them.

- Tim Furer

Can always rely on Michael F. to assist us with our training needs. Very professional and always responds promptly.

- Scott King

My PMP class could not have gone better. I learned a ton and passed my PMP exam with ease.

- Mark Demas

Great training and knowledgeable instructors. Upgrade your skills at New Horizons!

- Gina Gasbarro

Great on-site/online class offerings and top-notch staff.

- Mike Spivey

Excellent Staff and Faculty!

- Mike Hissom


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