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The New Horizons Omaha franchise is an authorized training partner for many industry recognized software and certification companies and organizations. These partnerships allow New Horizons to deliver the most up-to-date curriculum with specific standards set in alignment with these top vendors.

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Self Service Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Training at New Horizons Omaha

The term “Business Intelligence” (BI) refers to the analysis of business information to gain deeper insight into and from your corporate data. Business intelligence provides your company with the tools to support:

  •  Better informed business decisions
  •  Greater understanding of past, present and future business trends
  •  Improvement of day-to-day business activities

Types of Business Intelligence

As there are many levels of Business Intelligence needs and complexity, New Horizons of Omaha offers training for all types of business employees.

Self-Service Business Intelligence — Well-trained power-users will find the advanced data analysis tools present in Excel to be very powerful for self-guided reporting and research. Employees who work with the data on a day-to-day basis can be freed from dependence on IT professionals to generate the reports they need. These employees are likely to also be the primary data consumers in the company.

Corporate IT Professional Business Intelligence — Database professionals and developers have the background and access to corporate data to create highly formatted and distributable reports for the company. These include IT staff familiar with Microsoft SQL Server and its associated services, and possibly Big Data and Cloud products such as Azure. New Horizons of Omaha can provide the training needed to pull these disciplines together to obtain all the Business Intelligence benefits listed above.

The Business Intelligence training paths shown on this page can accomodate individuals with needs and interests at many different levels. Please contact us for more details and guidance.

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