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Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio training from New Horizons Omaha will launch your journey to programming success and Microsoft Certification.

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How Can I Learn Visual Studio?

Get Microsoft Certified!

New Horizons with over 30 years experience delivering Microsoft training offers a wide selection of Visual Studio courses. To learn Microsoft Visual Studio start with an Introduction to Programming, followed by specific courses in either C#, HTML 5, JavaScript, Python, or others.

Microsoft Visual Studio is the premiere IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used in all types of application development: Windows, Android, iOS, cloud services and web applications.

Microsoft's newest generation of role-based certifications for development focus heavily on Azure. Azure development tools are built in to Visual Studio. You can use the same familiar debugger to troubleshoot your code, whether it is running directly on your workstation or in a container, and publish directly to Azure. So although there are currently no role-based certifications focusing primarily on Visual Studio, training from New Horizons will provide the skills foundational to Azure certification as well.

What can I expect from Visual Studio training
at New Horizons Omaha?

In Visual Studio courses at New Horizons Omaha, you'll learn to understand and navigate the development environment and develop practical skills in programming in a choice of several languages.

What programming languages are supported by Visual Studio?

With the ability to develop in multiple languages, such as C#,, F#, C++, Python, Node.js and HTML/JavaScript, Visual Studio is the single product to meet the demands for development in modern organizations.

What tools are included in the Visual Studio environment?

Visual Studio provides a comprehensive suite of tools for building and publishing apps.

At New Horizons Omaha, you will learn to use Visual Studio to:
  • Develop: Write code accurately and efficiently with time-saving features that work across languages and platforms
  • Debug: The Visual Studio debugger quickly finds and fixes bugs across languages and diagnoses performance issues
  • Test: Use built-in test tools to plan, execute and monitor your entire software testing effort to deliver the highest quality software
  • Collaborate: Manage your source code in Git repositories hosted by any provider, including GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services